“I don’t really like girls. All they do is break your heart and I’m not sure if I still have a heart left to break.”
Fujiwara Shino

Fujiwara Shino concept features made from Gen8’s Free Anime Maker

seasons-of-love-obtainables - Shino

Shino Fujiwara (藤原 仕洵)

Age: 17

Height: 180 cm

Birthday: November 2

Likes: Sports

Dislikes: Fan-girls

Although Shino Fujiwara is the clear embodiment of a real-life Prince Charming, deep inside this 17-year-old teenager would just rather have someone who’d genuinely love him forever than have dozens of different girls throwing themselves at his feet everyday. Labeled as Shikon High’s casanova, Shino is notorious for being a heart-breaker. Despite this, he still can’t seem to shake off his many fan-girls who admire him for his looks, his talents and his brains.

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