“Admit it. Even if you don’t like him anymore, he’d always have a special place in your heart.”
Sato Takashi

Sato Takashi concept features made from Gen8’s Free Anime Maker

seasons-of-love-obtainables - Takashi


Takashi Satou (里 高史)

Age: 18

Height: 183 cm

Birthday: June 6

Likes: Basketball, food, sleeping

Dislikes: Dreams, any other sport

He  may seem like any normal 18-year-old mischievous athlete, but Takashi Satou is far from ordinary. He has a special ability that allows him to look into people’s sleep stories. He hopes for the day when he can finally dream his own dream and not just be a spectator. Takashi enjoys eating and sleeping during his free time, when he’s not playing basketball.

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