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Immortality isn’t always a good thing, and half-fairy, half-human Freyr Aloisey is well aware of that fact. As a member of the Fae kingdom, she dreads the day that she stops aging; the day she becomes fully immortal. This is why she absolutely loathes any kind of romantic relationship with anyone, especially humans, who age too quickly for her tastes. But Faes in her species are all female, and no way is she going to hook up with the lesser demons who surround her! Isn’t there anyone in this magical world who can fulfill Freyr’s dream of falling in love for eternity?



  • Freyr Aloisey
    • A college student and part-time waitress at the Fluffy Aprons Sweets Café. Her fairy mother died a few years ago, leaving her to fend for herself.


  • Alistair Grimm
    • Freyr’s demon neighbor who works at a nearby library. Unlike most demons around, Alistair is actually quite peaceful and enjoys solitude and serenity above anything else. In his free time, he often goes to the observatory to look at the skies. He loves stargazing and reading about astronomy. He’s really quiet, so people don’t know much about him, but Freyr often sees him looking outside his window at night, watching constellations.


  • Castiel Jones
    • All Freyr knows about him is that he plays football for their college. A very skilled player, too, and he makes sure to let people be aware of that fact. It does seem like bragging is one of Castiel’s favorite hobbies. He’s the guy whose name everyone knows, but whose story is shrouded in mystery. Freyr herself belives that he’s hiding some terrible secret, but she doesn’t have a clue as to what that is. Castiel also serves as the town’s life guard during weekends and after school. Is he human? Freyr’s not sure. Probably not, though. No human in his right mind would offer to be a life guard, especially since immortals could handle the job even better, right?


  • Ignacio Lopez
    • A lone werewolf who insists on being called by his last name. He often hangs out everywhere in town, and by everywhere, it’s definitely everywhere! Lopez often surprises people by jumping down from trees where he has been staying for hours. He seems to enjoy climbing trees and being active, which somehow irritates Freyr. He’s a rambunctious, fun-loving boy, a year younger than her. Yet despite his child-like demeanor, his intellect is big enough to allow him attendance to higher classes. Can’t blame Freyr for disliking the kid sometimes.


  • Sebastion Drake
    • Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Sebastion Drake is definitely a force to be reckoned with. People often say that he is one of the lucky immortals to be born to one of the wealthiest and most prestigious Vampire clans in the whole country, although he does not seem to agree with them. Sebastion is a very charming sort of guy, the kind of guy who can sweep a girl off her feet and make her heart beat faster with every word. As a matter of fact, there are rumors floating around that he is actually a womanizer. Freyr, on the other hand, has known him since childhood, though strangely, she doesn’t have much memories of him. She is sure that he’s a good person, though. The only time she has ever seen a personality shift in him was when somebody mentioned his family, but nobody knows why that is.



  • Aster Lewis
    • A cheerleader in college, and Freyr’s main buddy in school. The two of them bonded over a class and became instant friends.


  • Julian Rochester
    • Chef at the Fluffy Apron Sweets Café, where Freyr works part-time as a waitress.


  • Mariangela
    • Freyr’s boss at the café. Not much is known about her.


Hi there, everyone! Here’s a new otome visual novel project by IaMe Productions. We’re working on this alongside Falling Hearts, so please stay tuned for more updates! For writing updates, you can visit this blog’s development section (haha, go self-promotion!), and for general updates, you can follow our Tumblr blog, DANGER! Hope to see you around, everyone! Thank you for reading this!


Producer & Coder: IaMe
Scriptwriter: Ran08
CGs & Sprites: Shadilyn
Backgrounds: fateline-alpha
GUI: Kingv