Kachuna Coding Update – 57% of the way there!

Hi everyone! So I guess it's time for some Kachuna updates! As of today, the coded scripts for the common route, the choice route, Tsumiki's route, and Shiro's route are already complete. There are three more routes left, namely Megumi's, Ai's, and Yui's. I actually love seeing sprites in visual novels change expressions often so … Continue reading Kachuna Coding Update – 57% of the way there!

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Kachuna updates!

Hi, I'm back! I say I'm back, but I was never really gone from visual novel development as I've been working all this time from the background. Hahaha. But I'll be making more frequent updates from now on since my semester is finally over! Can I get a cheer or two there? For updates, I'm … Continue reading Kachuna updates!