5000 words!

Oh man, if I could work myself like this everyday. 🙂 I've written almost 5000 words in 6 hours! Hahaha. That's good enough for me. ^_^ Done with Arvin's good path too. Oh, and I think his path would be the longest. Statistics: The game contains 3,006 screens of dialogue. These screens contain a total … Continue reading 5000 words!

Summer Paradise Logo!

I am amazed by random acts of kindness. :3 Lookieee! It's the logo for Summer Paradise. Simple, but sweet. :3 And it was made by Itwasneveradream from LemmaSoft Forums! It was really such a random act of kindness from her. I logged into LSF today, and saw that I had a new message. But what … Continue reading Summer Paradise Logo!