HFTH: Phil’s Route Complete!

Hey guys~ So, it's not a weekly update this time, haha, what a miracle. But oh well, I've got no classes today! I basically just wrote, slept, ate, and oh, wrote all day, so... I'm happy to announce that we're finally done with Phil's route in Home for the Heart! Statistics: The game contains 1,803 … Continue reading HFTH: Phil’s Route Complete!

Writing at least 10,000 words in a day

Statistics:The game contains 1,850 dialogue blocks, containing 14,044 words and 72,881characters, for an average of 7.6 words and 39 characters per block.The game contains 11 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.When I first started this day, I thought, "Time to catch up to my schedule!"And it's true. I was thinking of writing at least 3k … Continue reading Writing at least 10,000 words in a day