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Like I said, this game really exceeds my expectations despite it being individually created by a small team. But hey, the visual is great, the background song is pretty good that it adds tensions to the event of the story. And man, the plot twist! I’d say the plot twist is very WOW!¬†Anyway, I recommend you guys to try playing this game, as it is free and downloadable on Google Play Store.

Hannie Harris (Amino Apps)

I definitely recommend this game, especially given that it’s free. It is short, the romances don’t move too quickly (which I feel is more realistic), & it has an interesting idea behind it. All the characters are well rounded w/ having strong points and flaws, & they all have their own dreams & fears, including things they need to face (especially because of the plot.) It’s a quick but enjoyable read. I hope to see more from this dev in the future.

MorningLily (Steam)