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Home for the Heart – released!

Hi everyone! Okay, so… I’ve got some pretty awesome news! Home for the Heart, our entry for SuNoFes 2016, has finally been released! Yay! It’s only the 0.9 version though, because there are still a few more things that need to be tweaked. However, we really want to make it to the SuNoFes deadline, so,… Continue reading Home for the Heart – released!


Home for the Heart: (almost) ready!

Hello!❤ Not a (late) weekly update this time, thankfully! Just want to post a little screenshot of the game so far.😀 Oh, and… today’s the day that I’m officially past the minimum legal age! Hahaha. How fast time flies, huh? =) I had a pretty awesome day today, thanks to my family, friends, and ahem,… Continue reading Home for the Heart: (almost) ready!


Weekly Updates: Week 35

Hello! It’s the 35th week! I think I just slept pretty much the whole day, hahaha, which proves my slacker status. -___- There hasn’t been much development actually, since I’ve been super busy with school and org work this whole week! So tiring. Recently, I’ve been getting just around three sleep hours every night. That’s why,… Continue reading Weekly Updates: Week 35