“I always encountered love stories in the books I read, but I always ignored them. I didn’t want to believe in something I never thought could exist.”
Miyamoto Kaname, made from Gen8's Free Anime Maker

Miyamoto Kaname, made from Gen8’s Free Anime Maker


Miyamoto Kaname Seasons of Love visual novel

Miyamoto Kaname

Kaname Miyamoto (宮本 叶夢)

Age: 17

Height: 178 cm

Birthday: January 28

Likes: Books, videogames

Dislikes: Dirt

Overshadowed by his genius and multi-talented brothers, 17-year-old Kaname Miyamoto is tired of feeling unneeded and unimportant. He prefers to distance himself from the world and resort to his books instead, allowing himself to be sucked into their different worlds where he is the hero of every adventure. He spends most of time his reading, because he knows that when he closes the final chapter, there’s still a reality he has to face.

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