Home for the Heart

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Celine (name changeable) is a college student whose parents had recently lost their jobs. She lost her scholarship after failing to keep up her grades due to her family problems, and on top of that, she even got kicked out of the dormitory after being unable to pay the monthly rent. With nowhere to go, she seeks the help of her best friend, Lyle, who refers her to a family friend who accepts boarders in their house. But the said house already has occupants, cousins Joshua and Philippe, who seem to find something to fight about in every little thing. Caught in the middle of a fierce rivalry, how will Celine manage to get through this stage in her life?


home for the heart sunofest 2016

She may look innocent, but she’s got a lot more bite than it seems.


home for the heart sunofest 2016

The master of the house, Joshua sure likes to flaunt this fact. He flaunts most of the other assets he has in life too, come to think of it. Born as the only son to one of the richest business tycoons in the country, he’s not used to hardships in life, at all. No wonder he found it hard to relate to Celine. That is, at first.


home for the heart sunofest 2016

With his smart, businessman looks, it would be hard to see Philippe as a casual, everyday guy, but that’s exactly who he is. He’s a go-getter, a high-achiever, and a straight-A student, who still finds time to hang out after class and attend weekly council meetings, as part of a student council. Despite his busy schedule though, Philippe never forgets to make time for the things he love the most– or perhaps, the one he loves the most.


home for the heart sunofest 2016

Prematurely judged by many as a queen bee, Lyle’s regal looks doesn’t match her sweet personality at all. She can be quite child-like at time, with Celine even acting as an older sister to her. However, she’s a very supportive friend, who’s willing to help at any cost. But of course, that’s because she can afford it. Once she’s got her thoughts set, though, there’s no way to change them back.


Script & Coding: Ran
Sprites & CGs: jt – Jtsketch
GUI: Tachiko

Music: Eric Matyas (soundimage), Alcaknight
BGs: DLSite BG Pack (sponsored by IaMe Otome Games)
Special Thanks: QueenieT

Target release date: August 31, 2016

Hi everyone! Here’s a new game for you guys. ❤ It’s a pretty short VN, which also serves as our submission for the SuNoFes 2016 game jam! I hope you guys will like it!

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