Practicing on a drawing tablet~

Hi guys! 🙂

Daddy bought me a drawing tablet today, and I’m quite happy. Hahaha. I’m actually using it instead of my mouse right now. It’s quite efficient to use. Plus, I’ve wanted one for so long! Haha. Thank goodness we finally found one earlier! 🙂

However, as you all know, I’m not a very good artist, and my drawing is even more horrible using a tablet than when I do it the traditional way. *sigh*

This one below is my third drawing using my new drawing tablet.


I don’t know really know who it’s supposed to be, but… yeah, that’s just a practice drawing. I’m trying to get used to the feel of this pen and tablet. Haha. ❤ I promise, I’ll do my best to become better at this!


This one is my second drawing. Hahaha. I accidentally closed the application while I was making my first drawing, so I wasn’t able to save it. Bummer. 😦 Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

I’m gonna practice lots more. Haha. I still believe in the saying, “Practice makes perfect.”

I may not become a perfect, or even just a very good artist, but through practice, at least I can be a decent one. Hahahaha. :))

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