An update on no updates

This is a continuation of my previous post

Anyway…  I was supposed to make another update on Landice’s route, but I couldn’t write anything on the script so instead, I decided to write something else to get rid of my writer’s block. It’s a fanfiction of sorts, oh, wait, I don’t know what to call it, but…  I made a separate post here.

I’m trying to get to know Landice better, to be honest. Like, trying to get to know the other sides of him and stuff. Truthfully, I had based the SP characters on people from real life so they were a little easier to write, but… after my months-long-break from TTWM, I actually had no basis anymore for my characters… becaaaause, I’d forgotten all of my original plans by then,. -___- That’s my mistake, thinking that writing this one would be as easy as writing Summer Paradise.

I won’t make that mistake with my future projects though, and you can count on that~

Yeah, I think that’s the best way to write, personally. Get to know your characters, their personalities, their quirks. Befriend them, feel them. Really flesh them out and give them their own lives. It’ll be easier to write if you can imagine and know everything about them, right?

Let’s do our best!

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