Day 7 of 7. Teehee.

And again, I’m unsure if I could finish this today. Yesterday, Daddy took me out and we had some amazing bonding moments. 🙂  We even played basketball! Yay! ^_^ Of course, I’m nowhere near as good as him since he’s a guy and I’m a girl who doesn’t even know how to play, but it was so much fun.

Ahem. Anyway… we arrived home a bit late last night since we still went to the mall and stuff, but I tried to write a bit. I’m already done with James’ path, and halfway through Arvin’s. Perhaps I could finish that today? That is… if this writer’s block goes away…

Oh yeah, while writing I’m gonna watch one of my favorite movies ever: 50 First Dates! It’s really inspiring to me when I want to write love stories. :3

Although… now that I think about it, the main path is quite… strange. Ugh. If I could, I think I would redo the whole main path! Bummer. But… let’s see. 🙂

Ciao! 😀

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