once upon a hallow's eve preview chun ri ang

Awesome art updates!

Hello there, guys!

I just got back late last night from our wonderful overnight class trip, haha, and I’m telling you, it was awesome! Simply unforgettable. ❤ I think I just spent one of the best weekends of my life!

Too bad it’s back to reality now, hahaha, and I have two exams this week and two more exams next week, all for our midterms. *sigh* College life can be so fun and so hectic at the same time!

Oh, and I’ve got some awesome news regarding my projects. 😀

Well, they both have something to do with the art department, but… it’s still progress, nonetheless.

The first one is for OUHE, which will be *keeping my fingers crossed* released less than 2 weeks from now.

once upon a hallow's eve preview chun ri angThat preview is courtesy of erumin, whose work is lovely as always. ❤ Thank you for this wonderful preview, erumin! 🙂

The three boys there are the three bachelors in OUHE, namely Vonn, Viktor, and Vern.

The second art dept. progress I’m gonna show to you guys is made by KingV, the artist for Falling Hearts.

falling hearts visual novel background shinosuke room

Shinn’s room! 🙂 I think it really suits him well!

I can’t wait to play these games once they’re out! Hahaha. Stay tuned, okay? And thank you so much for all the support! We really appreciate it. ❤

6 thoughts on “Awesome art updates!

  1. yuuyacchi says:

    I totally know what college feels like, yup. Sunshine and flowers one second, and papers and reports the next, OTL. #dyingoverthesis

    Looking forward to OUHE’s release~! Go Pinoy!
    Good luck. ^u^

    • Ran S. says:

      I know! October is actually our midterms month, so I have so many exams and quizzes every week. *sigh* After I finish OUHE I think I’ll rest a little bit, until December, because that’s the start of our sembreak + Christmas break. Hahaha. Writing + programming+ planning a VN can be a little bit tough on my sched right now. Well, mostly the last two. =)

      Good luck on your thesis! ^^ I hope you finish it soon!

      And thank you so much for the support! I really appreciate it. :3

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